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it is 6:00, monday did you enjoy the sunshine yesterday? >> i did. i enjoyed the whole weekend even with a little rain w balls we needed it. >> -- definitely trying to break some out before the next chance of rain rolling in tomorrow into wednesday for now, right now it is dry for the morning commute. the bay, low to mid 50s through 7:00, upper 50s to low 60s noon low to mid 60s 4:00 mainly cloudy today, inland start around 49 to 53°, upper 50s to low 60s stray shower possible north bay during the afternoon. coast cooler mostly cloudy all day, low to mid 50s through 7:00, mid to upper 50s for lunchtime temperature around 4:00, upper 50s to near 60.
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let's get a check of traffic. live look at east shore freeway past golden gate fields, bunches up a bit where the 580 merges on to the 80, basically slow then picks up towards the macarthur maze, getting busier behind the bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet, delay for cash paying folks those metering lights will be on shortly. waze app, bay shore freeway, no problems, a stall on to the shoulder, no issues for traffic flowing nicely you can navigate your commute by downloading in free app. we are coming up on 6:02. san jose police holding a news conference this morning to discuss manhunt for the mur suspect who shot it out with police friday night, wound ago officer. place arrested his accomplice jonathan wilbanks of san jose held on suspicion of murder,
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attempted murder of a police officer and armed rob little. police say the pair went on a crime spree friday night willing -- killing a 22-year-old in a carjacking attempt at a 711 store. coming up at 6:30, kira klapper will join us with the reward officers are hoping will bring the wanted manna -- wanted man into custody. >> families waiting online to get help for the holidays. that need is definitely not over yet. >> reporter: we are here in the pantry where it looks like there is a lot of food. check out the vegetables behind me, they tell me they still feel like they are short. they would love to see another 1,000 turkeys so they can meet their goals this week. people coming to pick up food have an points, no need to wait in line. check out what we found this morning, people out in the
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cold, waiting in line, officials say they did not expect to see this it just illustrates the need out there. they say they hear a lot of talk about the recession coming to an end. but they aren't seeing it. >> if it wasn't for this place, i wouldn't have nothing. thankful for it. >> we are still seeing very a lot of people continue coming here. the fact that people are willing to wait in line overnight, first of all when they are signing up for a food program. >> reporter: this was the scene at the beginning of the month, people camped out for the opportunity to make an appointment to pick up food. so they would have food for their thanksgiving meal. officials say their donations are down. they think part of that could be because of the timing of thanksgiving this year. it is a little earlier than what we're used to it came up
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so fast after the election they are hoping people will realize, that it is time to give to food banks so they can feed the hungry. people will start arriving here at 9:00 to pick up their food. they have about 1500 appointments coming in today or that's how many they are expecting to give out. they would like to give out 4,000 before thanksgiving over the next couple of days. again they are down about 1,000 turkeys. they are asking if you can, please give, because it is definitely needed. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we invite you to be part of the share your holiday food drive december 12th. meet the abc7 news team we will be all over the place as we broadcast live taking donations for more information go to new this morning, president obama is in cambodia this morning to talk about that country's human rights
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record and meet with leaders of southeast asian! he will attend the summit with second taefr of state clinton to discuss trade and other issues. the president arrived from myanmar where he addressed students. mr. obama is the first sitting u.s. president to visit myanmar he encouraged the country to continue its transition to democracy. >> demonstrators planning to protest in front of the israeli consulate this afternoon palestinian continue to fire more than 100 rockets into israel overnight and israel retaliated. two homes in gaza destroy, killing four, wounding 42. coming up, katie marzullo will tell us about the peace deal world leaders are trying to gauche >> man arrested at oakland international airport for allegedly carrying bomb making materials will be in court today. 49-year-old jeffrey mcgann of southern california was taken
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into custody thursday night. he a watch with fuses, switches and wires, layers of insoles inside boots which were two sizes too big he told investigators he's an artist and he was carrying artwork his lawyer give a statement he said in part, ex-centric artists behave he can -- eccentric artists behave eccentricly. the battle to bring war -- jurors to san francisco is expected to get new reinforcements restaurant and hotel workers are expected to join in support of the proposed new arena. the proposal includes new hotel built across from the arena. last week the board of supervisors voted the one billion dollar project is financially feasible. the resolution is set to come before the full board tomorrow. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside right now, we are looking at the
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golden gate bridge, traffic moving justps$÷ fine. mike is going to tell us when -- [ inaudible ] ahead and new, teens try get an edge in sports. [ inaudible ] .
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welcome back. 10 minutes after 6:00 on this monday morning. we could see a little fog over the next hour or so. nearly calm conditions in our valleys winds out of the southeast three is seven miles per hour another mild day, a little more sunshine than over the weekend. stray shower possible across the north bay. temperatures in the low to mid 50s now, will hang out in the upper 50s at the coast, low to mid 60s for rest of us. what a a couple minutes make. bay bridge toll, metering lights on, traffic backing towards the west grand overcrossing from the maze into the tolls, beyond the toll moderate upper deck incline section busier southbound 101 through marin tail lights past civic center, golden gate bridge clear, new accident north 101 before
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tully in san jose, slowing things there's some of the busier commutes 580, 24 and east shore freeway. we have breaking news just in from silicon valley long time ceo of intel, the santa clara company making chips has announced that he will step down in may. that and he's been ceo of intel for quite a long time. recently, the company has struggled as chip-making demand has fallen worldwide. the company is struggling, he's stepping down in may, seeking a replacement now. also new, just released study shows more teenagers are using muscle enhancing products to get an edge in sports. one in three teenaged boys using protein powders to build muscle mass, 6% admit to using steroids, among girls 21% use protein powders and shakes.
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will he or won't he? new information on whether 9ers quarterback smith will be starting tonight. naughty and nice. michael finney has consumer reports list of companies offering best customer service in time for the holidays and
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welcome back. more sunshine than over the weekend, temperatures mild once again today, low to mid 60s, upper 50s to near 60 at the coast. next couple of days, changes are coming back, a little break from the wet weather today, except for a stray
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shower possible in the north bay, more wet weather tomorrow, especially during the evening and overnight, through wednesday morning, scattered showers early wednesday afternoon, finally drier weather wednesday evening through thursday. 6:15. d it is shopping or travel all sorts of companies will try to earn your business this holiday season. >> as michael finney tells us, some companies are nicer than others. >> reporter: good morning. consumer reports is out with its third annual naughty and nice list. highlighting company policies that deserve a thumbs up or raspberries. this time of year whether you are madly shopping, traveling for the holidays or looking for a good hotel, consumer says some companies make life easier, others don't. it has compiled annual naughty and nice list. >> it is looking at company policies and in some cases,
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practicing to see if we like them or not base >> reporter: nordstrom lands on the nice list, free shipping and free returns on borders of every size. how about kohl's no questions asked return policy online. all purchases and no time restrictions. other companies return policies could leave you with a big lump of coal, a laundry list of conditions you have to meet, if you don't. >> they can hit with you a restocking fee of up to $25%. that's more than most other companies charge. >> reporter: for travelers, two airlines land on the naughty list, including delta. >> when i bought a roundtrip, 248 none refundable fare delta offered the chance for peace of mind top upgrade to a
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refund fair for $737, nearly triple that of my original fare. >> reporter: while spirit offers low fares, if your carry-on won't fit the seat the airline charges as much as $100. if you are looking for a place to stay, the moderately priced hotels are nice indeed. >> these -- this hotel lives up to motto, extras aren't extra. >> reporter: included this in the price hot food in the morning and at night free wifi. home depot has a nice policy when it comes to major appliances like fridge and stoves it will haul away your old appliance, eliminating the hassle of finding someone to take it away. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. check out before you start your black friday shopping we've come pilled a list of -- compiled a list of stores opening
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thanksgiving day, all at under see it on tv. for those of how like to plan ahead in your shopping, black friday weather should be fine, until then we have ups and downs. >> still in an active pattern we are just taking a break today from it. ed good morning from mount tamalpais a little breezy 2600 feet, clean air, a hill haze, we can see down to the diablo range this morning iube am let's look at live doppler. -- morning. let's look at live doppler. break in the cloud cover, sunshine today, good news for a dry commute this morning. even if you have to have school today, as we did when i was growing up we didn't get out until wednesday, even that day, kids out the whole week now. isn't that crazy? here's what is going on, low to mid 50s -- means they could do more work around the house, -- los gatos 47°, lack of
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clouds around the monterey bay and inland mid to upper 40s there. today mainly cloudy especially cross the north bay increasing sun towards the south stray shower possible north bay rain for all of us tuesday into wednesday dry thursday die low to mid 60s today, close -- dry low to mid 60s today. monterey bay low to mid 60s, inland mid to upper 60s. heading to the game tonight, mostly cloudy, damp, humid, 60, kickoff 5:30, 57 by 9:00, temperatures fall into the upper 40s, low 50s in most areas tonight, middle 50s around san francisco and san mateo slightly cooler than this morning, couple areas of high pressure holding this front at bay today, as we head towards the afternoon hours, still a small chance of a stray shower across the north bay look at how small and far north it is overnight we may
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have a sprinkle or two as we start to moisten the air mass ahead of this cold front, as we head into the afternoon, tray shower, until the steadier rain moves into the north bay at 5:00, across the bay by midnight through 7:00 wednesday morning, a few recent gate showers through the afternoon, by the evening dry push moves in -- feign appears 10th to quarter of an inch around the bay, -- half inch to inch north bay, one to two inches in our mountains. temperatures in the 50s to near 60 coast, throw upper 60s for the rest of us -- low to upper 60s for the rest of us. san mateo bridge from hayward towards foster city in company, you will find brake lights about# the westbound direction. still a 15 minute drive from the east bay to the peninsula. golden gate bridge commute good no fog.
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new stall east 24 before the caldecott tunnel, before the right bore, minor slowing towards the caldecott, reverse commute direction. a look at your waze app, san jose accident north 101 before tully, very slow approaching the scene from yerba buena. one of our traffic spotters posted this picture bumper-to-bumper northbound 101. you can download this app, it is free from the app store or google play. maneuver around your commute this morning. you can touch this. ahead, the bay area music icon hitting the stage at the american music awards. >> stop, it's gangnam time. also, on katie actress sally field and singer tony bennett.
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welcome back. temperatures mild everywhere 40s boarder to the north, 50s and 60s gulf coast 70s dallas, 80 phoenix cool spot, a lot of wet weather, -- delays happening in baltimore that's about it, rain up around seattle and portland rain
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towards st. louis, rain going to stay north of us. flight tracker,, at the bottom. 6:25. maybe the answer to the questions 9er fans have been asking looks like quarterback smith may be sitting out tonight's game against the bears. sources tell espn that smith did not get clearance from an independent neurologist to play. smith has been practicing in the black no contact jersey for days i have an concussion last week jay cutler is also sidelined. -- >> still no word about the future of cal football coach he met yesterday with the athletic director the bears
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lost saturday night 64--- six -- of 2-14. -- iconic bay area performer was the show stopper at last night's american music awards. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you recognize stanley burrell there, right, two decades after he blasted on the scene as hammer. oakland's own busted a move gangnam style to close the show. the big winner justin bieber with three awards, the highlights, stevie wonder, singing a butte to the ama founder, the late dick clark. -- >> getting a jumpstart on black friday. the long wait some are putting
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themselves through to snag door buster deals. rockets continue to fly in morning between israel and gaza. the demonstration planned here at home as violence continues to escalate. >> reporter: violent crime spree in san jose friday night leaves one officer injured, another man shot and killed. i'm kira klapper, i'll tell you what police are doing to step up their efforts to find the second person
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good morning many monday morning of a holiday week. thanksgiving dinner a few days way, you can smell it now is that diablo back there? i think so sunrising in the east so it must be, thank you
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for joining us. >> that's a pretty picture. >> a really pretty picture. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas mike is here with the forecast. good morning. welcome to monday, decreasing clouds thism morning. dry live doppler 7 hd good news for most of us as you want to get around the next day or so, get out to there and do some17ñ shopping. temperatures around the bay today, we start at 7:00, low to mid 50s, cool lunch with upper 50s low 60s, seasonal this afternoon, low to mid 60s. around the bay as we head inland, upper 40s to low 50s 7:00, mainly cloudy upper 50s to low 60 noon stray shower possible across the north bay otherwise low to mid 60s and dry weather. at the coast, clouds on the decrease, sprinkle possible this morning, specially across the north bay, cool by noon, mid to upper 50s, mainly cloudy as we'll see the clouds start to return a little during the afternoon upper 50s
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to 60. hope you have a great day. here's sue with traffic. san jose now, good morning, major accident with injuries north 101 before tully left lane blocked slow from before yerba buena and 87 might be your best bet northbound. farther south morgan hill north 101 at tenant, multi-car accident out of the lanes on the right slow traffic headed northbound towards san jose out of morgan hill eastbound 24 before caldecott stall right bore before the tunnel, problem with not a problem could be a traffic nightmare around monday night football at the stick game time 5:30, right smack-dab in the middle of your commute. you may want to consider 280 if you are coming from the peninsula or leaving san francisco this afternoon after work. this morning in san jose police are expected to reveal new details in a crime spree
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that left one innocent bystander dead and an officer injured. kira klapper joins us live with the manhunt now underway. >> reporter: police are holding a 9:30 a.m. press conference. the city leaders are expected to attend this has the city on alert mayor reed is expected. the san jose police officers association is offering a $10,000 reward in hopes that it will lead them to the accomplice of jonathan wilbanks who is already under arrest. we'll get you to a map that shows wilbanks and his accomplice's overview of the widespread crime spree they went on friday night before 7:30 witt banks and his accomplice robbed a little caesar's on story road. 15 minutes later a gas station on east capitol expressway. an hour after that, they hit a
6:33 am
jack-in-the-box on kurtner and then a spa on -- [ inaudible ] rampage turned violent during ed carjacking at 7-eleven. -- the pair shot and killed 22-year-old campbell resident rory parkpettiford. when police caught up with the two they sped away they got out of their can fired at police one officer was grazed at the hip. >> these individuals wanted to kill police officers. i'm absolutely -- want absolutely proud of the work they did and the bravery in pursuing those people >> reporter: pursuing ended up with the arrest of wilbanks they hope the $10,000 reward will lead them to his partner. they zone have a description because nguyen banks and that -- they don't have a description because they used
6:34 am
ski masks [ unintelligible ] the man accused of killing seven in a mass shooting at an oakland university is scheduled to be back in court today. a judge is holding a hearing to determine if one get is mentally competent to stand -- if one goh is mentally competent to stand trial for the massacre at cost university. he admitted he did it because he was angry at the school -- -- there have been new airstrikes in gaza this morning as international leaders mobilize to broker a cease-fire. >> reporter: negotiations are underway in cairo right now senior egyptian official says egyptian mediators are hoping to have a clear idea whether a cease-fire is possible. the official says, israel and
6:35 am
hamas are both looking for guarantees to ensure a long term stop. new video you can see black smoke rising from a building in gaza city where local and foreign news organizes have offices, no reports on injuries or deaths there. a missile hit a home in gaza city. in the last six days the strikes have killed at least 94 palestinians. netanyahu says he's prepared to expand the operation. he has tanks and troops lining the border now. president obama is urging israel not to launch a ground war he's also backing the country's decision so far. >> the president: we are fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes and workplaces and potentially killing civilians. we will continue to support isrealis -- israel's right to
6:36 am
defend itself. >> reporter: hamas has fired hundreds of rockets into israel, 75 to date, one hit an empty school, three israeli civilians have been killed, more than 60 injured. u.n. secretary general arrives in cairo today. turkish foreign minister and delegation of arab foreign minutesster are expected in -- ministers are expected in gaza tomorrow. happening now, south bay families are lining up to receive holiday meals this morning. live look from sacred heart community service in san jose, with just a few days to go the charity needs 1,000 turkey meet its thanksgiving day goal. sacred heart s a box of food with a turkey. a lot of people will not get a turkey unless they get more donations quickly. it seems some can't bear the thought of missing out on a black friday door buster bargain. in pinole bargain hunters are
6:37 am
already camping out this is a best buy where managers tell us they cannot recall people lining up this early, ever. for those willing to brave the cold and rain they say this is their thanksgiving family tradition. lines are forming in southern california, florida and wisconsin. [ unintelligible ] >> 6:37. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside, bay bridge toll, traffic lining up there. sue is going to tell us why. mike will have your full forecast. >> strike threat. walk-out employees are planning at port of oakland and impa
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welcome back.de9hj61ñ9j:ujug clouds, sun not up technically, low to mid 50s. winds if there is any wind chill it is negligible most of the breezes are out of the southeast, three to seven miles per hour inland calm so far no fog. temperatures in the low to mid 50s this morning. upper 50s along the coast, low to mid 60s for the rest of us under a partly sunny sky. showers tomorrow scattered best chance of rain tuesday night into wednesday . thursday, thanksgiving it is dry. >> our traffic app, the waze app in san jose, accident north 101 at tully blocking left lane, very, very slow headed now from hellier and the yellow line is the capitol expressway, also very, very slow. you can navigate around by
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downloading this free app. elsewhere farther south in morgan hill, accident north 101 at tenet blocking lane of traffic towards san jose stall eastbound 24 before the caldecott right bore. workers at the port of oakland planning on a 24 strike beginning 9:00 tonight, this means holiday travelers are likely to notice. the workers say they've gone 16 months out a -- without a new contract, port management demanding cuts, with a 37 million dollar surplus the strike is set at the pore's airport terminal so airport workers are in the same union, they will be affected, pickets plan to target the airport and port facilities tomorrow. union nurses also planning a 24 hour strike they will walk out tomorrow morning in a number of hospitals affiliated with sutter health. it will be the seventh strike against sutter since september of last year, second this
6:42 am
machine off a long-standing dispute. the one-day strikes lockout for days, administrators hi replacement force that amount of time. -- rupert murdoch sparks controversy on twitter. it may not be the end of twinkies, ding-dongs your -- and your favorite treats. trading gets underway this morning. right now the dow is up 133 points. processing word of intel's ceo stepping down, breaking news this morning. ment [ inaudible ]
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welcome back. if you are traveling around state the farther south the more sunshine and warm, farther north you are going to run into high elevation snow north of chico, reading, mostly cloudy tahoe, dry 47, 57 yosemite upper 60s central valley. a lot of afternoon sunshine, san diego and l.a., near 80 in palm springs. rupert murdoch apologizing after controversy with a tweet about the ongoing violence with israel and gaza. following the tweet murdoch received a for aren't of criticism from other twitter icers with some accusing him of being anti-semitic.
6:46 am
he issued apology. gas -- >> gas rationing will continue in new york city.]xá+ the odd/even system was put in blase last month. mayor bloomberg imposed the system due to long lines. he says he doesn't want to risk extreme lines again so he's extending the gas rationing through friday many this morning hostess will begin liquidating the company. the popular snack foods are expected to survive. hostess lawyers will be in bankruptcy court in new york to ask for permission to begin selling off the company. experts believe another company will buy the ding-dong, ho-ho and twinkies portion of tess. the company decide today liquidate rather than restructure after striking workers refused a contract offer. breaking news news we brought you 30 minutes ago. top silicon valley ceo retiring.
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>> pizza hut hope customers will stuff themselves the day before they stuff themselves with turkey. >> let's check in with jane king live at the new york stock exchange and find out more. >> good morning. i think actually wednesday night is the biggest pizza night of the year. we'll have that story coming up. higher start here optimism somehow president obama and congress will avoid the so-called fiscal cliff and come together on a deal optimistic comments from leaders over the past few days on that a couple minutes report on existing hope sales for october economists forecast sales for the month near a two year high. ahead of that, here's how we look, dow up by 130 points, s&p and nasdaq up better than 1% across the board today, bloomberg index up, almost 2% higher. as you mentioned, big change as head for intel, chief executive retiring in may
6:48 am
after almost four decades an the company. intel shares higher slightly on this news up 4/10 of a percent. trading -- cisco going after a company that helps businesses manage wifi networks remotely, offering to pay 1.2 billion for the company that nearly tripled headcount to 300, cisco shares up more than 1%. long list of retailers trying create a pr event, company offering 50% off 1,000 stuffed pizzas, the day before of pizza hut's biggest day of the year. nobody is having leftovers? live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. >> trying to put those
6:49 am
leftovers off day. we to take about -- we get sfo delays all the time. >> it is a departure delay because of noise abatement because they have a southwest wind pushing noise towards moore conjested areas, more neighborhoods -- more populated areas that was -- that's what we are dealing with now check out our flight tracker at or call ahead to see if you are going to be delay. no arrival delays, look at how clear the air is getting this morning thanks to southeasterly wind pushing the storm track north beautiful picture of the impending sunrise from our roof cam love the colors. live doppler and clouds, you can see how the nature of the clearing is moving from south to north, still have a slight chance of sprinkle in the north bay going to remain for the better part of today, 47 los gatos, everybody else in
6:50 am
the low to mid 50s, south where it has been clear for longer, mid to upper 40s monterey bay and inland. i think we'll be seeing those clouds start to dissipate, mostly cloudy in the north where showers best, of the rest of us partly sunny today, rain tuesday into wednesday the rest of forecast is going to be dry, low to mid 60s today for highs away from the coast, upper 50s to near 60, around the monterey bay low to mid 60s inland, mid to upper 60s, if you are heading to the game today, all to -- ought to be great for tailgating, 5:30, 60°, down to 57 by the time the bears and 9ers are over at the stick. tonight, cooler, you can see some type of precipitation a little drizzle along the coast maybe light shower in the north bay, the rest of us in the upper 40s to low 50s san francisco, san mateo may be mid 50s. right now cold front staying north, that's where the rain is going to be today. as we head to the overnight
6:51 am
hours, we are going to see a stray shower start to develop across the north bayí there's that drizzle at the coast for the morning, spotty shower possible tuesday afternoon before the cold front moves into the north bay at 5:00, across the heart of the bay midnight through wednesday's morning commute, wednesday early a few showers by the evening hours that dry pattern starts to take over, 10th to quarter of an inch for most of us, up to an inch in our mountains. another nice rain event for us. thankfully gets out of here wednesday afternoon into thanksgiving thursday. friday through sunday some of our warmer weather some of our drier weather, mid to upper 60s from the coast. busier san mateo bridge from hayward towards foster city, brake lights when you make the turn towards the highrise, 15 minute drive across the bay, east shore freeway commute, busier, bunching up, 580 merge and things pick up as you make your way towards the act
6:52 am
arthur maze. traffic app in san jose north 101 tully earlier accident still blocking lanes, traffic bumper-to-bumper past blossom hill in the northbound direction the capitol expressway also slow. 6:52. tonight on the abc7 news at 11, i-team investigation into adoption. day family desperate for children trusted a local man to bring them happiness they say they were deceived. dan noyes tracked down the man who works as an adoption facile day for. >> reporter: are you being -- straight with families about the kids they are adopting? >> what he says about the children that needed more than a good home and what the i-team has uncovered about his adoption business, tonight on abc7 news at 11, after castle. ahead, five things to know before you go. >> the abc7 morning news returns in 60
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6:54 am
good morning. live look outside gorgeous from our camera on san francisco looking east towards mount -- on -- mike will talk about when the rain will come back. here are five things to know before you go: >> number one, san jose police will hold a news conference to discuss hunt for second suspect in violent crime spree. police have one in custody, the pair is suspected of murder, robbery and shooting an officer, $10,000 reward is being offered. >> number two, south bay families lining up to receive holiday meals this morning. unfortunately, sacred heart community service in san jose, may not be able to provide everyone with a turkey. right now the charity is still 1,000 turkeys short. sacred heart says 4,000 families have signed up. number three, israel and
6:55 am
hamas appear far apart in efforts to broker a cease-fire. new airstrikes came overnight as a delegation of arab ministers travel to gaza tomorrow missile killed four and injured 42 in gaza city one of a dozen rockets fired by hamas. >> number four, looks like quarterback smith may not play in tonight's game. sources tell espn, that smith did not get clearance from an independent neurologist after suffering a concussion last week. >> number five, head of the world's largest computer chip maker stepping down after 40 years with the company. intel say(jís8nsrq ceo plans to retear in -- retire in may. three other execs have been promoted to consecutive vice president. >> one final check on weather and traffic.
6:56 am
flight departure delays out of sfo this morning, call ahead and check out our flight tracker clearing trend on radar and satellite, north best chance of stray shower today, low to mid 50s as you are stepping out now, hang out in the mid to upper 50s at the coast, low to mid 60s for the rest of us. bay bridge toll metering lights on jammed past west grand overcrossing and 880 overcrossing into the macarthur maze. this is out of the central valley, looking slow up and over the altamont pass. south bay north 101 at tully, accident cleared out of lanes, very slow northbound from south san jose, blossom hill and 87 would be your alternate. farther south northbound 101 at tenent, morgan hill problem out of lanes, still slow. >> the abc7 news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and during -- weather and
6:57 am
traffic during "good morning america." . >> midday news at 11, tune in then too. >> have
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good morning, america. and breaking right now,

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